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500 Stories of Hope:
A Historic Campaign for Student Scholarships
The Need:
  In the midst of a public health crisis, currently enrolled and prospective PCCC students will be making life-altering decisions.  Should I continue my education? Can I afford to continue my education?

Many of these students and their families have been devastated by the pandemic.  They lost their jobs in hard-hit industries such as retail, hospitality, and food services.  Many of them are mourning loved ones or caring for sick family members. Others have become psychologically and emotionally traumatized by the fear of getting sick themselves and remain isolated from family and friends.  Due to lost wages, many students are food insecure or behind on rent.  They don’t have money for basic expenses such as car repairs, childcare, or utilities.  According to one student, “I cannot focus on anything other than surviving.”

PCCC knows that, without financial support, many students will make unenviable, fateful choices about their future. Consequently, instead of preparing for careers as nurses, accountants, web developers, EMTs, or community leaders, they will likely drift further from their dreams.  That’s a loss not only for them, but for their families and for our local communities that will depend on their knowledge, passion, and skills to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

Despite the current health crisis, we have an opportunity to keep them enrolled in higher education, to positively change the trajectory of their lives, and to restore hope.

The Solution:  To address this urgent need, the PCCC Foundation will create 500 new scholarship opportunities for new and currently enrolled students in the 2020-2021 academic year.  This initiative, entitled 500 Stories of Hope:  A Historic Campaign for Student Scholarships, will ensure that students have the financial resources needed to stay in college and on track towards achieving their educational and career goals.
For nearly 45 years, the PCCC Foundation has maintained a singular focus of raising scholarship support for disadvantaged PCCC students. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded more than $20 million in scholarship support, helping thousands of students in completing their postsecondary credentials.  Powered by a PCCC degree, many students have gone on to pursue fulfilling careers and to lead productive lives.

This is a historic scholarship campaign.  Because the stakes have never been higher for so many students, the Foundation’s goal of 500 scholarship opportunities is intended to be both ambitious and impactful.  Through this scholarship campaign, donors will have the opportunity to designate their gifts to specific student groups and academic programs.  Each scholarship counts!

The Call to Action:
  In this historic moment, you can positively influence the life-altering decisions that are being made in homes throughout Passaic County. Your contribution will keep these students enrolled during the current academic year and on a path towards a successful future.  As one student stated, “These stressors are becoming unbearable.  I would like to achieve my educational goals, become a helpful member of society, and assist my family.” Your kind act today will change the course of a student’s life, making our local communities stronger, safer, and smarter as we recover from COVID-19. 

The time is now. The moment is here. The power is yours.  Donate and change their story today.